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»FLUX GAMING TeamSpeak 3 Server moved!

Alright guys, I guess most of you already noticed that.
Or you've been notified via Facebook or our FLUX Gaming WhatsApp Group (By the way if you wish to join the group, let me, FLUX | USA KieWhat? know.)

The new Server Address/IP is: – easy right?
As, since ever, there will be now password on the TeamSpeak, feel free to bring your friends.

User Groups, Rights and channels should be the same like on our old server, which, by the way, will be shut down in approximately two weeks from now on. However, if you notice something that is not working the right way, let me know.

Reason why we moved to a new Server:
- Main reason was that our host had to change the server provider
- The new server is supposed to offer a better support (24/7)
- Our new Address is way cooler and easier than the old one, am I right? Haha
- We’re now on the root Server, which gives us more control

Well, keep it going guys, if you missing your user group/rights when you first connect poke someone with Admin rights.

Greetings, FLUX Gaming Management