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Files » Battlefield Tools and Files

Battlefield 3 Settings Editor!
Battlefield 3 Settings Editor, Ihr könnt hiermit alle In-Game Settings vor Spielstart einstellen und noch ein bisschen mehr als diese hergeben!
Wird nicht von Punkbuster bestraft!

This application was first released on the 6th of November, 2011, just after the release of Battlefield 3. It allows you to easily customise and tweak all of your Battlefield 3 settings, including the ones that aren't displayed on the in-game menu.

You can get started by checking out the features and screenshots, or just go ahead and download it now!
Details & Download: Battlefield 3 Settings Editor!
Downloads: 357

Battlefield 4 Server Admin Handbuch
Alles rund um Parameter, Variablen und Server Management .
Details & Download: Battlefield 4 Server Admin Handbuch
Downloads: 370

Battlefield 4 Server Dokumente
In diesem Zip File findet Ihr alle Maps mit Server config Namen, Alle Gamemods für den Server usw.
Details & Download: Battlefield 4 Server Dokumente
Downloads: 379

Battlefield Font (Schriftart)
Jeder der für ein Bild, Video usw. eine Schrift braucht die Battlefield ähnlich ist, hier ist die passende und originale Font (Schrift) zum Download!
Details & Download: Battlefield Font (Schriftart)
Downloads: 358

BF3 Borderless
Battlefied startet im Fenstermodus, sieht jedoch aus wie der normale Fullscreen Modus, so könnt ihr einfach auf den Desktop, Internet Explorer, etc. wechseln.
Punkbuster bestraft dies nicht!

This application was first released on the 6th of November, 2011. It allows you to play Battlefield 3 in a borderless "fullscreen" window, allowing you to easily and conveniently Alt+Tab to other applications.
Details & Download: BF3 Borderless
Downloads: 366

BF4 Borderless 1.0
This is a simple program which gives you control over the window that Battlefield 4 runs in. The main purpose of this is to run Battlefield 4 in a fullscreen window. This has the advantages of both worlds: you get full use of your screen, and the convenience of easily switching to other programs.

Tool by: http://www.realmware.c...-borderless-1-0-released/
Details & Download: BF4 Borderless 1.0
Downloads: 320

MarkC Windows 8 + 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix
Bei Windows 7 werden durch die Mausbeschleunigung trotz abschalten jener bei schnellen Mausbewegungen z.B. in Shootern Pixel übersprungen, damit ist die Maus wesentlich ungenauer. Dieser Fix behebt dies.
Den Unterschied könnt ihr mit der enthaltenen testen, füht diese .zip Datei vor dem fixen aus und nochmals danach, die roten und grünen Markierungen sollten verschwunden sein, dies sind die fehlenden Pixel.


What is it?
It is a registry file that removes Windows 7 or 8 mouse pointer acceleration.

It is like the CPL Mouse Fix and Cheese Mouse Fix, but gives exactly 1-to-1 mouse to pointer response for Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Exactly 1-to-1 means no discarded or delayed mouse input while game playing.

Read more here: http://donewmouseaccel...use-acceleration-fix.html
Details & Download: MarkC Windows 8 + 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix
Downloads: 486

MTU Path Maximum Netzwert Scanner
MTU Pfad ist ein Dienstprogramm, um Spielern bei der Fehlerbeseitigung bezüglich der Netzkonfiguration zu helfen. Das Programm ermittelt für Dich automatisch den besten MTU (PMTU) Wert deines Routers.

Die Software bestimmt durch das Senden einer kleinen Anzahl von Nachrichten zu einem entfernten Host, die größte Paket-Größe deines Netzpfades. Das anpingen mehrerer Zwischenrouter ergibt dann den idealen Wert.

Details & Download: MTU Path Maximum Netzwert Scanner
Downloads: 362

PRoCon Server Tool
Multiple Games
Battlefield 4
Battlefield 3
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Vietnam
Medal of Honor 2010
Multiple servers in the one window
Sub-admins with individual privileges assigned to them
Layer style network for daemon support
Player list showing players country, last spawned kit, averages, totals with multiple views
Chat panel to show players global, team and squad chat as well as admins connected via the layer
Battlemap to pan/zoom around an customizable overhead view of the battlefield. Shows player kill/death fuzzy locations. The battlemap includes a measurement tool to find out distances between points as well as the ability to setup zones with various effects when a player kills/dies within the specified area
Capture and report various events around procon so you know whats happening within procon and your bfbc2 server
Export/Import server settings or setup your server how you want and procon will generate the Startup.txt file required on your server
Developer console for issuing vanilla or punkbuster commands directly to the server
Logging support for console, chat and events with log files time stamped and split by day
In game commands with a dictionary matching arguments -> !ban phegoe will be matched to !ban Phogue

Details & Download: PRoCon Server Tool
Downloads: 25

Punkbuster Update PBsetup.exe
Installing/Updating PunkBuster with PBSetup

PunkBuster is designed to keep itself up to date using our proprietary auto-update system. For cases where the auto-update fails, we have created a utility called PBSetup.
Details & Download: Punkbuster Update PBsetup.exe
Downloads: 368

WarCon BF4 Server tool
WaRCon is a BF4 server admin tool made specifically for the competitive scene, ie. to ease the handling of matches and warservers in general. It is not meant for running a public server, use ProCon etc. for that.
It is meant to be almost entirely ingame controlled through ingame chat commands.

Features includes:
Match handling (for all game modes), including:
Swapping back players to original teams when going live
Result (tickets) reporting and logging
Player and PB GUID logging
Safe (better than screenshots) online logging, including Live update of ongoing matches
Optional time limit
Handling multiple bf4 servers from the same instance
Basic commands as !kick/!say/!restart/!swap etc
Easy map and game mode handling, without caring about play lists etc (!mode, !map)
Convenient settings of the common rules/serversettings for the cups (!rules)
Direct ticket handling (!tickets) instead of fiddling with ticket ratios per map
All (known) server variables - predefined rule sets from leagues/cups will be added when they are settled
Info-level commands for non-admins (show rules, pbguid etc)
Details & Download: WarCon BF4 Server tool
Downloads: 396